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Saturday In the Park

Saturday night I dragged my baby to one of my fave r&b artist’s concert. It was a perfect evening in Houston for a concert at the pavilion. Jill’s interaction with the audience was amazing, she knows how to put on a great show. Even the way she shared life lessons with us, was great. So I wanted to share my musical wealth with you guys.

This first song is about how after a night of love making, you want nothing more than to do whatever makes him happy.

Although I love that one, right now this is my fave by her, and gives you a taste of an excellent soul master Mr. Anthony Hamilton.

19 thoughts on “Saturday In the Park

  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE AND ADORE JILL!! She has put my life in words and given me the soundtrack to my life. I call her my sister from another mother. Thank you for posting this!!

  2. Oh my GOD I am so envious! Jill is absolutely one of my top artists ever. So jealous. Glad you had a good time 😉

  3. I spent my teens rich in R&B and funk, before the advent of rap (I suspect while you were still trying to learn how to write R and B). It’s not often anymore that true R&B artists get much attention. Parliament, Gap Band, Cameo, Isley Brothers, they and more formed my early appreciation for music. Thanks for bringing this back to me.

    • Wow, I can’t believe you mentioned Parliament, now that ridiculous album cover is in my head. Charlie Wilson actually headlined the show Saturday. Jill was my focus, but Charlie did put on a good show, esp considering his age :). I got to hear all of the Gap Band hits.
      They played Cameo during the intermission, they are always a pleasure. What is your fave song?
      As for the Isley’s, well, I remember going on a cruise with my parent’s and the entire drive to the ship I listened to ‘voyage to atlantis’ I was far too young to be listening to such music.

      You surprise me Mr. Jashot, quite pleasantly.

      • Too many songs to mention. All of Parliament, most of George Clinton after he went solo, Word Up by Cameo, every single song every recorded by Earth Wind and Fire, and so many more. If you were to make me choose 1 song out of all of them, I’d say my consistently favorite song is the long (live) version of Reasons by EW&F, from their Gratitude album (I’ve got the vinyl)

      • There is a difference if you have the right speakers or headphones, and you’re listening to the right music. R&B is the right kind. High end DJ’s don’t just spin vinyl so they can scratch. They’re looking for that warm, full sound that comes from a vinyl recording. Most people don’t know what good speakers sound like though, so it’s wasted on them.

      • I’m afraid to actually. Once someone actually hears what they’re missing, by listening to good speakers (or good headphones), it’s difficult to go back. My headphones, for example, cost $300. If you listened through mine you’d be asking for them for Christmas. The best speakers cost $2,500 each, in the standard 10″ home stereo size. When friends with a guitar would plug in and play through mine, they always said they needed to get a lot better if they were to use those speakers, because they play back everything in perfect detail, including all of the mistakes. Most consumer-level speakers are so dull and muddy that the details never show. Hard to explain until you hear it. Sorry if I sound like an audio geek. I worked in the music business for six years, selling this stuff to pro studios and high end night clubs.

      • I had an uncle that would sit and listen to his Boney James or Kenny G with these massive headphones on, when there were more fashionable ones. I never bothered asking why he wore those massive headphones, maybe that was why.

  4. hahahah I had a comment but you two (Suqui and Ken) are making me laugh and now I forgot what I was going to say…
    You both make my day.

      • LMAO… why not? 🙂 Ok let me regroup my thoughts.. I just finished writing you a super long ass email. lol 🙂
        BTW I love your theme I changed my today for Halloween.
        Like Minds… 🙂

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