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Lola in Revolt

Occasionally my libido skyrockets to the moon. It is irritating, and frustrating. I no longer have control over my own body.It is like my dear Lola is taking her revenge on me. Getting retribution for all the wonderful things done  Yesterday I was driving, already wet, because when I get like this, I am ALWAYS wet. Anywho, I am driving, and I hear this car, or truck, and it sounds hot. I am looking for it, trying to figure out what vehicle is making this unbelievably sexy sound, and when I spot it, my muscles clench like I am holding onto a cock for dear life.

A lot of times my phases equate to a lot of fast fuck sessions with the sir. Unfortunately for me he left yesterday morning and wont be back until tomorrow morning. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK my Lola and the torture she puts me through for no good reason.

Let’s add onto my misery… I am bitching to Jackson about being horny and wet all day. At first he seems to sympathize with me, and then he doesn’t. Mid conversation, he lets out a sexy as hell gasp/stifled moan, that makes me more wet. Why I bothered asking I don’t know but I did. “What are you doing?”

“I won’t tell you that I am rapidly stroking my cock right now, imagining my hand was your hand, that wouldn’t be nice.”

AHHH the evil fucker. “That was hot, and mean, and I won’t be able to get the thought out of my head. I hate you.”

“No baby, what you hate is that you can’t wrap those lips of yours around me”

The fucker was right. I hated the distance, it sucked, hard, really really hard. -I am doing it again. sigh It would be so nice of him to give me emergency masturbatory privileges. He won’t. I asked. Then I got in trouble for asking. 😦

A girl can’t win with Lola in revolt.

18 thoughts on “Lola in Revolt

    • Ha I LOVE that term. It is perfect. Literally ready to fuck anything that moves, today I wondered if this is what being a sex addict feels like. Thank goodness for self control. Or the fear of being punished by sir… not sure which yet.

  1. I feel your pain…
    Hope all is better… Now that he is back.
    BTW I call my Sir Fucker as well.., of course all in good nature and for fun. 🙂

    • Things are much better, Thor tamed Lola, and things are back to normal. I even got to top for a while, without consequence. I shall post about it later.
      I am working on part 3 of Web of Ties right now. I know where I want to take the characters, I just haven’t figure out how to get them there.I will get it eventually.

      🙂 Of course you call your Sir Fucker as well, I don’t think we could be more alike if we actually tried.

      • Well glad to hear! 🙂 As I tend to say when I get excited (and with certain individuals) “Fuck yeah!!!” lol

        I can’t wait to read both your upcoming posts!
        Yay more Suqui to be shared. 🙂 lol

        “Lots of kisses”

      • I swear I’m not gaining pleasure from your pain. I’m amused by how you write about it, how you express it. Men just don’t hear women expressing things like this in real life. This gives me a window into what some women think, maybe the woman in the car next to me, for example. Thinking about that, about the women in my office and what could possibly be going through their heads, now that’s when it gets amusing.

      • I suppose you are right. I would never utter those words to anyone except my sir, no one else needs to know. I guess I am like you, much more open via wordpress.

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