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I believe “marked” is the title of a post on one of my favorites presser’s blogs. They know who they are.

Friday night I was able to get comp tickets to Eric Church. He put on a pretty good show. (I wonder how much better it was because the ticks were free.)  After, Jackson had the brilliant idea to stay at the hotel around the corner, the night got better.

I was reminded of the “marked” post because of a sighting Saturday morning while washing his back. Usually when I see marks it is all over me. The various bruises, welts, burn marks from chafing on a insanely long scene he has imagined. This morning though, I was able to view my handy-work. The long lines that ran down his back and towards his sides, made me smile, then made me laugh.

“I am sorry baby.”

“How bad is it?” he inquired.

“I don’t think you will die.”

“That’s a relief.”

So here is the thing. I lied, I am not sorry. I enjoyed seeing what my nails did to his back, in that moment, when I lost control.  Those marks are one sexy reminder. I think I may make them more often. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Marked

  1. ♬♪♫♬♪ I know who you are talking about … I know who you are talking about… ♪♬♩♫
    He’s a great writer no? 🙂
    As for your post you have given me some ideas…

    Mmmmm next time I see my Sir….

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