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Is it just me or is every Sunday bittersweet?

A day of endings and beginnings. We mourn for the end of the weekend, our joyous playtime. We prepare for the upcoming week often times with dread.

My Sunday’s consist of laundry, lots and lots of laundry. I have to pick out clothes for myself for the week, clothes for my son for the week. Make sure everything is checked and double checked in my planner. I plan our meals for the week. While I am cooking Sunday breakfast. Do my grocery shopping for said meals, and snacks.  Wash and vacuum out the car. I prepare myself for whatever game I will be watching today. Double checking to make sure I am not supposed to be entertaining.

Isn’t Sunday a day of rest? Can I practice the Sabbath? Do Jews still practice the Sabbath? If so I think today might be a day to convert.

Jackson’s day starts early with yard work, thankfully. Because come Sunday, our yard does not look pretty. He often heads to home depot for something, I don’t know what, but  a Sunday sans home depot is rare. Which is fine, I think it has become a set moment for bonding for the males in my life.

Sunday is the day for my son’s chores. He also must do the deep cleaning of his room, and help me clean his bathroom. He hates it, but I think at six he is starting to appreciate having a clean room, and knowing where things are.

So here we are again Sunday night, and I’ve had a full weekend. I am all ready for the upcoming week, and I am trying to decide what drink I’d like to make. A fruity concoction, or should I go straight for the crown? We shall see.

To all of you, I hope you had a great weekend. I hope the week proves itself full of fun and progress.



5 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. I think if I had normal working hours and a normal routine at home that I follow I would feel melancholy as well but I don’t and a Sunday is just another day for me. :-/ Kind of sad now that I think about it. lol

    So what kind of drink did you end up having? 🙂

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