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Sweet Freedom

I have the best mother in the world. Let me tell you why.

I am sitting in bed with my laptop about to make a post about how sick and tired I am of being quiet. Every year I have to adjust and it is such a pain. Then my phone rings.

It is my dear mother.

She tells me that she wants to spend some time with her grandson. So I hand my son the phone. I hear him talking.

…”a football game?”

…”with the marching band?” his face is lighting up

…”what about grandpa?”


…”okay I will pack…here mama” (I got the phone back)


He is spending the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa! They have a fun-filled weekend planned with high school football tonight, and then off to see the Cougars play tomorrow night. Now although I am more of an NFL gal, and a Sooners fan. I am so excited!

I have two nights. Two nights and I am almost positive my dom will be present for both of them. More so, I will be free to let my Sub Flag fly. Free to  scream, cry, beg, yell, whimper, and enjoy all I want! Free to wake up the next morning and appreciate all the bruises and marks I hope to get. Sweet freedom I tell you. Sweet Freedom!

Now off to assume a fave position…




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