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Missing my Dom

I was sitting in bed reading when he came in. He sat at the foot of the bed quietly taking his shoes off.

“You okay sweetie?”

“Tired,” he said shortly. I was suddenly ashamed of myself. I was watching the shirt come off of his shoulders. As he stood to drop his pants, I was staring at the muscles in his back. Ugh, he is tired, and his body is turning me on. When he sat back down folding his shirt, I moved to sit behind him. on my knees.

“I miss you,” I said kissing his neck, wrapping my arms around him.

“You had me this morning.”

“No, I mean I miss the other you. I miss my Sir, I miss my Dom.” He turned to look at me.

“He hasn’t gone anywhere. An appropriately timed hiatus.”

“I know but the hiatus is killing me, “I said pressing my teeth into his neck.

“Getting bored with vanilla?”

“No I like it all you know that, I just want all of you. Think of it as withdrawals, I am going through Dom withdrawals.”

“Hands and knees.” My heart began pounding instantly. I moved quickly to the floor assuming the instructed position. “Don’t make a sound.

I couldn’t hide the huge grin on my face as he lifted my night gown, and his palm came swiftly against my bare derriere.

8 thoughts on “Missing my Dom

  1. Last night, I pulled out the handcuffs for the first time in forever. Thanks for inspiring me to get back in the game.

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