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Morning Quickie

This morning I had fifteen minutes to myself to just lay in Post Glow. As I relaxed coming down from my high I went to reflect mode. We have already made the shift from the couple without child, to the couple with child. He makes it difficult for me. With the glances, the tones, the texts, the e-mails, the caresses, the gropes, he tortures me with anticipation This morning’s quickie in the shower although rushed, did not lack passion.

This morning, a heady combination of stress relief and my desperate need to feel him inside me again. It had been far too long.Was it possible with the increase of responsibility our time together means that much more? I was pondering this, and how much I love that man when I heard the small knock on my bedroom door, my me time was gone.

5 thoughts on “Morning Quickie

  1. Mmmmm quickie in the shower sex has always been a fave of mine — maybe because I have to rush. I don’t know.
    But you know what I love even more than that?
    When C.J. takes me in the shower afterwards to clean me up and take care of me and all of my needs after a hard play session.

    Glad you had some quicky passionate fun and most of all that you were fulfilled. 🙂

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