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He loved to go down on her when she was ovulating… lets face it, he loved to go down on her at any time, but especially when she was ovulating… he loved how her reactions were that much more intense, how she squirmed and purred and tried to get his mouth exactly where she wanted it to be…

He loved how she tasted, clean and musky with a slight note of citrus, but what he loved more than anything, was how amazingly wet she got for him… he would play with her and tease her, nibbling the tender flesh on the inside of her thighs, kissing gently her swollen outer lips until he could taste the wetness seeping through them onto his tongue…

That was when she would start to whimper quietly, and he would feel her hands winding through his hair as she pushed his face closer, as she lifted her hips, silently begging him to do more, to push through her lips with his tongue, seeking out her exquisitely sensitive clit…

And right at that point, right at that moment before the tip of his tongue touched her clit for the first time, he would pause and she would hold her breath in glorious anticipation… waiting for him to lap up her generously flowing juices, and lick his tongue slowly all the way along her inner lips up to her nub of nerve endings…

Of course, whenever he did this to her he made her wet, but when she was ovulating it was as though she was trying to drown him in her juices, as she lifted her hips, rubbing her sopping wet pussy against his chin and his lips and his nose…

“Please baby,” she would murmur in her bliss… “please baby, i need your cock…” but she knew that he wouldn’t give it to her, she knew that she had to cum first before she could have it… he insisted that she cum first, insisted that his pleasure could wait and even though he knew how badly she needed his cock inside her, when she was ovulating, he always made sure that he pleasured her for just that little bit longer to make sure she was sloppy, wet and dripping liberally… her juices wetting his face, the bed and drizzling down the inside of her thighs…

Because for him, there was simply nothing like that feeling of sliding home when she was awash and begging for him…  nothing like that feeling of taking her when she was fertile and ready for him… nothing like bottoming out against her fleshy ripe cervix as she pulsed and throbbed from her orgasm… and his balls ached from just the thought of it… from the thought of emptying his seed into her… of pumping her full of his essence…

And as he pulled into the driveway from work, his balls heavy with cum and his thick cock hammering against his zipper to get out, he knew it was going to be one of those nights that he would remember for a long time… well at least until next month anyhow…

~ Isabella ~

I found this and had to share with you guys, while I continue to suffer from writers block.

10 thoughts on “Juicy

    • I could say the same thing… reading the comments between you and Ken. My goodness I remember my mouth open thinking “my god look at them go” He screams Dom in every aspect of his writing. It is so hot!

      • Just a little innocent flirting. 🙂
        Althought his comment “Once my teeth are into you, you’re in deep, deep trouble.” left me a little breathless. I love to be bitten… mmmm

        I agree with you and he’s also very nice. 🙂

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  2. Wow Suqui, that was fucking hot. A man can wield such power with his tongue, and this post does a perfect job of describing her perspective.
    As for you and Mar and your comments, you both make me smile. Thanks.

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