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Web of Ties~Pt. 1

Walking through the front door of her house I was nervous to meet Rachel’s family. Rachel said her family had no qualms about the lifestyle I was now apart of my. My sweaty palms countered the cool and collected smile on my face. The introductions came quickly. Relief washed through me as Rachel’s mother Helen pushed my outstretched hand away and embraced me.

“Darling, you did not do this sweet girl  justice. A couple of red heads, well I’ll be damned. Those windows must get really steamy.” Helen said as she squeezed me, her hand sliding just a little too far down my back. My eyes widened, and I reeled them back to normal before Helen pushed me into her husbands arms.

“Ignore my wife, she has been going overboard since the first day I met her. Nice to meet you Gina, my daughter can’t stop talking about you. ” I could feel the heat in my cheeks.

“Nice to meet you as well Mr. Rhodes.”

“Call me Charles, please.”

“Charles,” I nodded smiling at him. When he released me I took comfort as Rachel’s hand found mine. Her skin so soft, against me. I looked at her, gorgeous as ever, and so comfortable in the home she grew up in.

“Rachel your mom is making your favorite for dinner. I know you girls have been traveling all day. Take some time to rest,” he said with admonishing tone directed towards his wife.

“It will be ready in a couple of hours Rachel, be ready for dinner at six.” Helen said walking toward the kitchen sulking like a scorned child.

“Okay Mom!” I felt the tug against my arm as Rachel led to me to her bedroom. Following Charles with our bags. Opening the door he put the bags on the chest  in front of Rachel’s king size bed. Walking out he gave Rachel a wink. As the door closed behind him Rachel pinned me against it. Her knee parting my legs, giving her hands access. Moving her hand up my dress, her fingers quickly slipping beneath my panties.

“What was that wink?” I asked before Rachel’s lips pressed against mine.

“My parents want me happy. You have been making me very happy. ” she replied as she slid a finger inside me. The resulted moan was way too loud.

“We are in your parents house, and I still can’t resist you.” My hands found her breasts, and I softly squeezed the mounds. My moans coming louder as she moved her fingers in and out of me. “Mm baby”

“Uh-uh, say my name” she moved her fingers faster, fucking me hard with them. “I want to hear you say my name.” I bit my lip to stifle a moan, and she moved relentlessly inside me.

“Don’t start another pseudo dominant phase.”

“I will make you say my name, loud so  they can all hear.” I felt her hand grip my nape, pulling the baby hairs there. I gasped. “Fine, we will do this hard way.”

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