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What Would You Pick For Me?

I normally reserve this question for my Facebook page, but I figured why not post it here.

I finished fifty shades, its better written I don’t know how it isn’t considered plagiarism copycat Bared To You. Now I have exactly a week and a half left of Summer. I need to read some books before schools gets thrown into the mix of life.  Recitals, PTA meetings, boy scouts, winter programs, school parties, the occasional surprise cupcakes taken to the school. sigh, it is hard being a Mom, but tons of fun nonetheless.

So I ask of you anyone who wishes to suggest. What book must I read before the summer is out?  To help you in helping me here is a list of my recent reads.

Bared to You- Book one of a trilogy

Fifty Shades of Grey-Trilogy

The Hunger Games-Trilogy

Thursday at Eight-Debbie Macomber

Georgia Bottoms-Mark Childress

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo-Trilogy

Once Upon A Time There Was You-Elizabeth Berg

Although I read all of these quite some time ago they are near to my heart, and therefore should be mentioned to assist you in your suggestions: Every Nicholas Sparks novel ever published, the Twilight series, various Jane Austen novels just because I had a goal once of being an English teacher.* In general I like sexy books. I love the story of a good romance. I enjoy trilogies, or series that may be longer. I like books that I can’t put down. Rarely I can.

I had a hard time reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo until I understood how the writer wrote. Then I could get myself through the last two books non-stop. I tried the Shopaholic series. They were awful to me. I do not like sci-fi, or legal thrillers, or fantasy I am finding (I can’t seem to get through the Sleeping Beauty series by A.N. Roquelaure) or non-fiction works. So if you have a suggestion share, please and thank you.

*Darn those awesome internships that turn into a whole other career than you could have imagined for yourself. Sometimes I long for the realization of my old dream of being a high school English teacher. Sigh, another life.

11 thoughts on “What Would You Pick For Me?

  1. Not sure if you’re more into fun / humorous/ romance / drama, but perhaps Nick Hornby? Lovely books. My favourite is High Fidelity.

    • Oh do enjoy, I am still trying to get through The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, It is good, but it is just so hard to read to me. I don’t know why. To think I have to read two more books to finish the story is more frustrating than inviting. *shrugs* I shall prevail

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