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30 Days of KINK ~Day 17

Day 17: What misconception about kinky people would you most like to clear up?


Boy O Boy did the bitch in me come out immediately with this prompt. It with something like this: “I don’t want clear up anything. They can think whatever the hell they want to think. ”

Now I will step down off of my high horse and give a more all encompassing response. I will re-state. I do not wish to clear up anything, because there is nothing to clear up.

Kinky people are perverts-Yes I am quite the perv. There are so many things I have to bite my lip at everyday at work, because I can turn almost anything into something sexual if I want.

Kinky people are nasty-Yes I am, and I love it, so does my man.

Kinky people are dirty- Agreed, in the sexiest way. I am one dirty filthy slut, and I love to be told so. Especially when I am kneeling at his feet, after a long day at work.

Hmm what else?

I can’t think of anything. So all in all. No misconceptions that I’d take my writing time to clear up.


7 thoughts on “30 Days of KINK ~Day 17

  1. Great response. As a Dom in past relationships, it sucks not to be able to talk about those experiences with those who have differing tastes. Just because they don’t like it does not make it bad.

    • I suppose you are right. It is something that you have to keep a apart of yourself closed off. I’ve seen the benefits of keeping my sex life closed off, so it has never bothered me much. There are always forums and fellow pressers!

  2. ok this post confirmed it… you are my sister from another mother! 🙂 I agree with everything you said including your statement
    “I don’t want clear up anything. They can think whatever the hell they want to think.“
    That so came into my mind… lol

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