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That’s What They Said

I can’t believe I am getting to do this, writing an acceptance post. Just like a true sub, I am all sorts of excited to follow directions in doing so. It seems there are protocols. I had no idea one could receive any sort of award for a blog. So when I read what Scot and Leigh posted I was elated, and humbled, and elated, and wowed. There I found out I was awarded two!

the Meta Awesomest Blog award

and the Beautiful Blogger award

With great flattery comes great responsibility. According to the rules I must:


1. Include the award logo somewhere in your blog.
2. Answer 10 questions you have about yourself
3. Nominate 10 to 12 blogs you enjoy. Or you pick the number.
4. Pay the love forward: Provide your nominee’s link in your post and comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been included and invited to participate.
5. Pay the love back with gratitude and a link to the blogger(s) who nominated you.

So here we go…

10 Questions About Myself

1. My Favorite dessert is sticky toffee pudding.

2. My favorite time of day is right after I’ve been a perfect submissive to my Dom

3. The last book I read Bared to You by Sylvia Day, it was both irritating, torturous, and hot.

4. My favorite author hands down is Nicholas Sparks, that man can WRITE

5. I think every politician is a crook. I am not saying they don’t try to be good people sometimes. I just don’t believe that anyone gets to that kind of power, without back stabbing, or crushing, or doing something decent people shouldn’t.

6. My guilty pleasure show is called Luther it is a BBC show, it is witty, and dark, and I love it. I encourage everyone on earth to watch it. Ladies, it stars Idris Elba, one of the most sexiest men on the planet.

7. I love Rom-Com’s and I am not ashamed to say it.

8. My favorite Star Trek series is the Next Generation, followed by Voyager, followed by Deep Space Nine, and then followed by the original.

9. I own the entire series of Batman the animated series, The Justice League, and I watch them, sometimes for my son, but I honestly do like them.

10. I have something against. cosmetic surgery. I realize that some people need it, but to me it just isn’t right. I almost threw the hugest fit last year, or whenever it was when some magazine labeled J Lo the sexiest woman alive or most beautiful or something. All I could think, was that woman isn’t even a real woman anymore.

Nominated Blogs

Is there a rule about nominating the pressers that nominated you? Hope not, drum roll please……

  1. A Little Far Away They are new, (ha I can say that now) but their few post have been open and have taught me about a niche in the bdsm world.
  2. Creative Noodling Marian’s blog actually inspired me to blog. I don’t remember what I googled anymore, but it brought me to her, and the rest as they say is history.
  3. Unraveling MariMar I have never felt so kin to someone I’ve never met before. I think I love this blog because Mar is so much like me. That and she had me with this story she wrote about an elevator that I still read occasionally.
  4. A Sexual Being When you go to Kayla’s place on the left there is a little button, it says “I Am A Word Whore” she is, and her written words make me feel all whoreish too (is whoreish a word?)
  5. A Faded Romantic Have you seen entrapment? It is a great movie, Sean Connery is HOT in that movie. When I read this blog, it reminds me of Connery. I see an older, hot as hell, wise beyond his years, sexy, dominant man. He says he is faded his writing says otherwise.
  6. Love His Pet Is just scorchingly hot, hot hot, blue fire hot, now go read.

Condition of Acceptance

I was nominated by The Dom Next Door, and Scot being a Dom and all, had to add on his own little task right. I will oblige of course:

The Puppet Master is the post that drew me in. It felt like a real peek as Scot would say into their lives. The post reminded me of my own relationship. The BDSM world can be so rigid sometimes. Since I never speak of my sex life in person. It is so nice to read of a relationship that has a lot in common with my own. Scot and Leigh make their own rules. The blog is delightfully entertaining, and sexy.

9 thoughts on “That’s What They Said

  1. I had no idea I helped prompt you into blogging! Wow! Thank you so much for sharing that. Made me week! My month!!! And thank you for including me on your list. You should see my silly grin!

  2. What a lovely acceptance. And I selfishly admit that, even though it did not occur to me, I enjoyed that you viewed the Rules with submissive glasses.

    Pssst…I make killer sticky toffee pudding. To. Die. For.

    • Is there another way to look at it?

      Why does it not surprise me that you can make sticky toffee pudding? I have a 30 minute drive to taste some excellent sticky toffee pudding. I keep saying I am going to try it, but when I look at the recipe, it seems like too much work.

  3. I am speechless, when Daddy suggested we start a blog I didn’t realise we would make such an impact. It is no doubt an honor to be recognised and nominated by you – suqui. Thank you. ❤ littleone

  4. Wow wow wow I am simply speechless…

    My doppelgänger Amiga!!! 🙂
    Yes, we never met yet we are connected (as weird as it sounds). You were my first visitor and commenter. It was just meant to be. 🙂
    One day I would like to meet if I am ever around your neck of the woods. 🙂
    Thank you so very much for this award. My first ever! 🙂

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