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Life Lessons

There have been quite a few, suggestions, instructions, words of wisdom per se, given to me over the years. There are three that have always stood out to me. Mostly because I have applied them in my life, and because I’ve watched what happens when one doesn’t apply them. I have come to the conclusion that in general, the women imparting their knowledge knew what the hell they were talking about.

I will share a few:

My mother always said “never let people know what goes on in your bedroom.”

My grandma used to say “if you have to get it in public, you aren’t getting it in private.”

Oprah said, although I think someone told this to her, “when someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

As far as what Mom said, sigh, for instance, See Jane Come, was partly fiction. The majority of the story however, was from a friend who shared a little too much information in my opinion on ladies night. Why do people find it necessary to invite others into their relationship? (I don’t mean in the lifestyle way) Just in general. I have found it is much better to keep a relationship in the confines of those involved. Otherwise you have problems.

A brief anecdote, if I may. Renee’s husband was stolen, or she gave him away, however you want to look at it. Why you ask?  Because l for one he wasn’t faithful. Mostly though, because Renee loved to tell everyone who would listen, how wonderful her husband was. Especially how wonderful he was in bed. Now, females are treacherous, this is a well known fact right? So while Renee was saying what a god her husband was. Jennifer, was thinking about what she wasn’t getting at home. Then, Jennifer wanted what Renee was getting at home. Now Renee isn’t getting her husbands cock, and Jennifer gets it on the regular.

This is why when I go to ladies night, I keep my mouth shut. I could go and on about the ooo so fucking amazing things I do with my man and my Dom(sometimes it is like being with two different men 😉 ). Yet, I don’t. Personally I find it much more satisfying to know that they all assume I am as vanilla as they come. I find it greatly satisfying to look at them and think to myself PUH-LEASE you guys don’t KNOW what pleasure is. Plus it simply isn’t anyone’s business.

Now about dear old Granny God rest her soul, Disclaimer: I’d just like to say the following does not apply to those who enjoy exhibitionism, or swingers, or other people in lifestyles, that practically require play in front of others.  What Granny said is sooo true. I know this thanks to various friends I serve as confidant to, and various ladies night, whether they be in or out.

For those couples who can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. You aren’t fooling anyone! Everyone understands the occasional slap on the ass. The occasional kiss that starts out a peck and deepens a bit until you realize your surroundings. That is fine, but for those who have their hands up a shirt or skirt, or down of pair of pants in front of the guests in your home. Or for those who like show off just how far a tongue can go down a throat, again, you aren’t fooling anyone. Let me tell you why.

People who are getting it on the regular, and are getting it good. We know self-control. Another hour hands off isn’t going to kill us, we just went all day. We know that when we get home, get in the privacy of a car, get somewhere we can just be us, it is on. That, and more than likely we can wait a bit until the soreness subsides.

Onto dear Oprah, I have used this principle in life all the way around. When it comes to boyfriends, classmates, workmates, bosses. Sometimes we like to pretend that we are so surprised when someone backstabs us. We like to act surprised, but really should we be. Usually the answer is no. People always show you who they are.

The best way to evaluate a persons true character is by watching how they deal with other people. If they are constantly starting rumors about other people, don’t think they won’t do the same to you. If they are constantly stabbing people in the back on the corporate climb, don’t think they won’t do the same to you. If they cheated on their other to get with you, what the hell makes you think they won’t do it to you. Sigh, the problem is that when they show us. We usually don’t believe them. Believe it!

There, a few life lessons, everyone can benefit from. I’ve done my good deed for the day.

That is for the day.

7 thoughts on “Life Lessons

  1. Pearls of wisdom indeed! Your friend’s anecdote also reminds me of a life lesson I stick to: “Don’t put your relationship on test unless you can afford to lose it.”

  2. No matter how good a relationship is, you can’t ever take it for granted.
    As for being “stolen” no one can ever steal your husband or boyfriend from you. It takes Two to Tango and he had a choice and he choose to cheat and leave her for her friend… I can understand the “giving him away” because when you don’t take care of your guy he is going to stray…
    Good post.

    • I agree with you mostly. I do not however deny the power of a seductress. Nor do I deny how stupid men can be. I love them but I swear sometimes they make me wonder 🙂 Either way, it was his responsibility. Thanks for the comment Mar!

      • A seductress has incredible power…
        We, humans, are selfish creatures and most of the time it’s hard to say no and deny such carnal pleasures.

        Oh and your welcome… Love your posts.

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