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Why I Shouldn’t Finish Work Early

My current text convo:

Me: I finished my to do list early.

Sir: Not good.

Me: Hey, it isn’t my fault I am so efficient.

Sir: It is why you were hired.

Me: Exactly

Sir: What is going on?

Me: I’ve been on tumblr again.

Sir: I see.

Me: Yea,  Lola is going a little haywire.

Sir: My masochist. I can’t come home early.

Me: I am  getting ready to leave now. It is just an hour.  Pwetty Pwetty Please

Sir: Begging?

Me: I was trying to be sweet about it. You know I can get you home if I want to.

Sir: Yes, but you wont. Stay at work. Get off of tumblr. Get on that pin site you like so much.

Me: (starting to type…) Is that an

Sir: Yes, it is an order. I will take care of dinner. When you get home go straight to my office. I will be waiting for you.

In that voice.

Me: Yes sir

Funny how he can convey that voice over the written word. Yum, now that I am stuck in the office for another 45 minutes. Pinterest it is!

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