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Ten Things I couldn’t Live Without.

One of my favorite magazines Elle Decor does a “Shortlist.”  They choose a person in the design community and ask them what items they can’t live without more or less on a daily basis. Here are mine:

1. Chobani Yogurt. I don’t know what I ate for breakfast everyday before I discovered Chobani. I do know that I never want to go back. I have no clue who thought to make blood orange flavored yogurt, but I love them. Seriously, I love them.  The lemon, omg the lemon is decadent, and the mango. I can’t eat mango’s, but I can eat mango Chobani. I will quit ranting about yogurt now.

2.Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb bath pearls. There is no better fragrance in the world. I have other fragrances for the sake of not wearing the same fragrance every day. Other than that it would be flowerbomb all day everyday. The bath pearls, make you feel like you are bathing in the middle of the botanical gardens.

3. Starbucks. More specifically my MWF serving of a caramel macchiato on the rocks. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow. . .

4. Moleskine notebook. I have yet to find a better place to keep my novel ideas. The characters that come to me, the scenes that appear when I am at work, at the stop light, mid-dinner they all go into my moleskine journal. It goes where I go, always.

5. Fendi Bag. Some women have shoes, I have my Fendi bags. I limit myself to two purchases a year. I cannot express the joy I feel, walking out of the store with a new bag.

6. Rabbit. Tuesday’s my  dear Sir allows me to play with myself, by myself. Occasionally I may choose another toy. I adore my rabbit, and my ice. I suppose I could chalk it up to an orgasm in general.

7. Ferrero  Rocher. Best. Chocolate. Ever. I keep trying to find something better, maybe it is out there, maybe it isn’t. I limit myself to one package every two weeks. Otherwise I wouldn’t stop eating them.

8. Spa Day. After weeks of being so wonderfully beaten, bruised, and abused 🙂 A lady needs some rest, relaxation, and pampering.

9. My I-Phone. It is sort of how I stay connected to and with everything. It is a must. Plus I can play music, I’d die without music, but it sure is hard to stick to just 10 items.

10. My Bar. When we were house shopping a bar was on my list of must haves. As a single mom of a very young child I had to find a way to pay for school, keep the lights on, (I failed that one once), keep food on the table blah blah. I couldn’t afford traditional daycare, so I worked 9-2:30 bartending. I never want to forget that struggle, or lose my mad skillz, so I make sure I have a bar.


I’d make a list of all of the “other” toys, but technically none of them are mine. 🙂
What couldn’t you live without?

10 thoughts on “Ten Things I couldn’t Live Without.

  1. I have a very similar list that includes Reese’s, Kate spade bags, illy’s coffee, and my Hitachi wand ^ ^

  2. Sex well more like fucking! 🙂
    Is that a given????
    Ok how about coffee? To easy huh? I’ll have to comeback and think about it.
    For now I am late to an ethics class. :-/

    • Yes dear, that is certainly a given :-p Ethics can be fun, sometimes. 🙂 Enjoy class. I will be patiently awaiting your new postings, that I will NOT read at work.

      • lol I know they are. Ethics can be fun but not when it’s mandatory and so booooring. 🙂

        As for not reading at work… You have better will power than I. 🙂

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