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Welcome Home

Business trips can be fun. This one was not. He had been gone for days and the longing had set in. I longed to be in his presence. I longed to touch him. I longed to feel his hands against my skin. So when he walked through the door it was with great self control that I allowed him time to set his bags down. Then he was mine.


After a long shower,  I wrapped myself in my favorite fluffy towel, ran the blower through my hair, and headed to the closet to shop. The fire red pleated teddy won. I collected the garter and the pair of matching fishnets, grinning at the thought of him ripping them to shreds as he did with the last pair. I added a pair of strappy red heels and started to dress.

When I was ready I went to the mirror and smiled at the vixen staring back at me. I strategically placed four sprays of heat, and checked the flight status again. He would arrive any minute.


He cocked his left eyebrow. I knew he was thinking of the possibilities for the evening. I stepped to him, grabbing his tie with my right hand, my left hand knotting in his brown locks. Kissing away the hours upon on hours we spent apart. His back slammed against the door. I giggled at my aggression. “I missed you baby.”

“I am noticing.” I watched him intently. The rise and fall of my chest quickening.  He bent down and his hands grasped my calves. My body welcoming his touch  His hands moved up to my ass, dragging his nails against my cheeks, making me moan through clenched teeth. “This is new?” he asked of my lingerie.

“Mmhmm, welcome home” I nodded, moving my hands to his belt buckle, raising my knee slightly to brush against his erection. He stopped me. Grabbing my ass, he hoisted me up, my legs instinctively wrapping around him.

“I like,” he said appreciatively. “Where to?” he asked before invading my mouth with his tantalizing tongue.

Irritated to part from his lips I muttered,”Bed.” He carried me to our room, and tossed me on the bed, I yelped on impact. He kicked his shoes off, dropped his pants, and jumped onto the bed. We kissed again as I untied his tie, pulling it off. My fingers found the buttons on his shirt, as he kissed my neck his tongue leaving sweet bits of moisture on my skin . Pulling at the the thin pleated red fabric that covered my breasts exposing them.

His lips traveled down my collar bone and to my breast. Sharply seizing my stiff nipple between his teeth, “Oh god” I cried as pain and pleasure radiated through my body, flames engulfing my soul.

“What are you calling him for? God can’t help you,” he replied, smiling his evil smile.
He got to his knees, pulling me down with him. My ass slightly inverted resting on his thighs, my ankles resting on his shoulders. I looked up at him from my back, watching him take me in. His hands started at my ankles. Releasing my shoes, his fingers traveled torturously slow up my legs. My hands found their way to my breast, squeezing, massaging, kneading them. I watched him pull the snaps on the garter so they springed back, relieved from their tension.

Lifting my leg, he released the two underneath. He pulled the fishnets away dragging his nails against my skin, making me moan loudly, before moving to my right leg. “So, you missed me, how did Lola hold up?” he asked dragging his teeth down the ball of my foot.

“Ah! She couldn’t care less about you, but she sure missed her Thor,” I replied through barely controlled breaths and a grin.

“We will have to give the lady what she wants. Later.  Right now I want to know. . .” he trailed off, laying flat on the bed, lifting my hips, throwing my thighs over his shoulders. My breaths hastening again in anticipation of his touch. “. . .if my dear Lola can break her record,” he finished before pushing my thong to the side, and burying his face inside me. Ecstasy began.

6 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. I never learn how is should not read my friend blogs at work…. Now I am simmering. Such a yummy encounter. 🙂

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