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30 Days of KINK~Day 11

Day 11: What are your views on the ethics of kink?

At first glance my answer was, “red means stop.” Upon further consideration though, the question asked the ethics of kink not just the ethics of a D/s relationship. For me, the words are synonymous. So I started with another true definition of kink. I tried to find one, I really did, Kink is a catchall for anything non-vanilla. So in general terms this is my ethical statement.

You do what you do. We will do what we do. I will respect that what you do is a fulfillment of desire for you. I wish that you will respect my desires as well. What I will not respect, and will not tolerate is someone who prey’s on the weak. I will not respect or tolerate a person who goes beyond the limits of others for the sake of being evil. I will not tolerate a person that wishes to physically, or psychologically cause irreparable damage to another. Everyone has a right to what seek their pleasure. You do not have a right to inflict your pleasure on someone unwilling, or in a state where they are unable to make a clear decision.

I believe that sums up my ethical views on kink. in general.

P.S. I love this pic, because there doesn’t seem to be anything “kinky” in it to me, except for the word kinky.

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