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When the Dom’s Away the Sub Will Play

Bzzzz, My cell vibrated against my nightstand. I was patiently waiting for his call. Waiting for him so he can do what he does to me when he is away. Instead I received a text message. Disrobe, completely. Walk into the garage. In the Texans chest is a gift from me to you. No call tonight. Enjoy yourself.

I pouted, I was looking forward to his call. Bzzz, it vibrated again. Quit pouting. I said enjoy yourself. Damn him. I followed the instructions. Slowly disrobing as if he were watching me. Giving him a show I know he’d be pleased with. When I was naked I headed to the garage. Opening the tailgating chest I found a rectangular box, the contents:

  • A bottle of bubble bath.
  • A new tube of lube.
  • A waterproof vibrating dildo.
  • A butt plug.
  • A new pack of AAA’s
  • A container of icy hot
  • A letter with instructions.

This night will not be the usual. You will be playing alone. This is your guide, you may take it as far as you like. Icy hot on my pearl, prepare your  sweet ass with the lube before using the plug, use the dildo with the plug, and eventually run a bath. I will be thinking about you pushing yourself as I would push you. The next morning when I call, you will report to me, in detail just how well you did.

I’ve fucked myself so hard. I warn out. I am tired. I am so excited to hear from him tomorrow morning. I can’t wait until he is home with me.

5 thoughts on “When the Dom’s Away the Sub Will Play

  1. Ok before I write how fucking hot that was I had to tell you first I smiled when he texted you the second time to tell you to stop pouting. Classic. 🙂

    Icy hot… good God I hope he doesn’t read your blog soon and get ideas. :-/

    Glad you had a great satisfying time!

    • heh Mar he knows me far too well, it is unsettling at times.

      I hope he does read and get ideas! The Icy Hot is sensational.

      My sir has quite the sick, innovative head, but it brings me pleasure, who am I to complain right.

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