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Two Dominants?

Is it possible??

Another presser commented on Day 8, the idea was that things doubled are better. That led to a possible thesis involving two dominants at the same time. My first response:

  1. “That scares me.”
  2. “Is that possible?”
  3. “That scares me.”

Two men equally dominant, having their way with me… Can one serve two masters? Submit to two men at the same time?

Can two dominants share a sub? My Sir tends to make things up as he goes along. How would that work with someone else, making things up as they go along? What if the other pre-meditated each scene? How would that work?

My Sir, would never allow such a thing. I consider him a rather mild Dominant compared to what I’ve heard of and read. Our relationship is guided more out of our love for eachother than our roles as D/s. So in all honestly I wouldn’t want two dom’s at the same time. The idea though, yea it scares me. Has anyone experienced that? Now I am vastly curious 🙂

13 thoughts on “Two Dominants?

  1. It is possible yet a complex dynamic which requires leaving the ego at the door. I would have done it only to please him and frankly to determine my fortitude. I have been told it is a fantastic experience and it could be memorable beyond belief. It also requires a higher pain/tolerance level I think…We decided the “he” should be a “she”
    Sadly we never made it to this point. Perhaps this should have been somehow placed under the latest Photo challenge…dreaming…

    • Yes a higher pain and tolerance level would come in handy I imagine. The “he” being a “she” I never even considered it. I think if it were to be possible for my S and I that would be the way to go.

      You have piqued my interest, I shall have a conversation with Sir when he returns.

      Dreams are good, with the next Sir maybe you can make it to that point. I sure hope so. I’d like to hear about it.

  2. For me I found out I could only submit to one Dom, wait not that could but I wanted, I wanted to submit to one. Our D/s relationship, like yours, it’s an emotional and deeply loving one. So we both decided to be each others only Dom and submissive although we do play with others.
    But to answer your question yes one sub can have two Dominant men (I know a pair of brothers that share a sub) just as one Dom can have two subs. It’s all what the people involved find fulling and satisfying.

    • I asked him about the possibility of bringing in a domme. After a moment of silence, an inquiry of where I got that idea, the answer was a short “no.” Followed by another moment of silence, and an awful tone I never wish to hear again, when he asked me if I wanted another dom. Now we have to talk when he gets home tonight. (Dreading that conversation) It seems the scary idea of two doms will not happen for me.

      • I hope he understands a natural curiosity and that is normal..The experience is not for everyone either……leave it to me to stir up trouble…..tell him the truth! This is a public blog and I am just a single sub

      • No worries! Full disclosure will come later. Rest assured if he felt I really wanted or needed it, I would likely have it.

      • Don’t dread the conversation. Just be honest and upfront and he can’r fault you for that. I am sure you two will be fine.
        We, quite surprising, found out how possesssive we both are when it comes to D/s. I am His and no other will own me as well as him not making any other girl His. We found out quite the hard way though but with open and honest communication we got through it. 🙂
        You will be ok. 🙂

      • 🙂 Communication is the key to a healthy relationship (in my clinical trial voice). You’re right. I just hate “the let’s talk in person” those talks are always heavy, good, but heavy.

  3. Great thought provoking post….communication is great but like you, I dread the “tone” funny i can feel it even via text…In my case my Dom might consider loaning me to another while he was present most likely a female but since i have expressed extreme fear of this, especially a woman its not likely to happen anytime soon…

  4. From my own experience as what one could call a free flowing dominant, thinking on my feet as each moment changes it is possible.
    The it is possible comes from an evening where my lovely girl had considered playing with two. The free flowing dynamic changed to two like minded doms feeding off each other’s energy.
    Many years later in retrospect I’ve only met a few male/female dominant a that could ever fit that mental bill.

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