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Emergency After Math Part 1

After I was so rudely interrupted by that horrid emergency phone call I went back into my office to write. It helped, a little. I got dressed for the outside world and headed to Central Market. After an hour wandering, browsing, and taste testing, I headed for the wine. While browsing through the section I saw him from behind. The biggest smile came on my face. How insane it was that we were meeting here.

“Excuse me sir, I am so sorry to bother you, which of these would you prefer?” I asked not bothering to hide my glee.

He turned and looked at me shaking his head at my game, “It all depends on the pairing maam’.”

“Oh, of course,” I responded glancing into his basket. “Just a light dinner, but I am more focused on dessert. I haven’t completely decided yet but I just found these mango’s that smell amazing. Maybe a mango/strawberry fruit salad, fresh whipped cream. What would go best with that?”

Glaring at me he half smiled before responding.”The Moscato D’Asti will go best with fruit and cream.” As he grabbed the bottle out of my left hand, letting his fingers linger much to long on my hand.

I could tell he was wondering how long I would keep at my little fun. “Thank you, one less decision to make.” I said walking past him. I stopped half way down the aisle and turned back. “I don’t normally do this but, but my . . .roommate is out on business tonight, would you like to come over? I said, with a shy grin. “If you aren’t too busy of course,” I added.

“I was headed home. A change in plans never hurt anyone. Listen, I need to run to another store, one of my favorites, it is right up the road. . .” as he is speaking I feel the moisture build between my thighs. I know what his favorite store is. It is mine too.  ” . . . why don’t you give me your number and address, I can meet you in about an hour.”

“Sure,” I responded. He handed me his phone, and in continuing the game I started to add my number, my contact information pulled up under “SHMILY” I melted like a stick a butter on a heat wave day. I glanced up at him, speechless. He had told me this story about a year into our relationship and I hadn’t heard it since. I gave him a kiss on the cheek. Without typing another digit I returned his phone, saying, “I am going to checkout and head home now, I will be waiting for you,” and walked away, in a hurry to get there.

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