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AHHHH- yea, that sums it up

When you start to live with someone, you have to start splitting the holidays. I am not the only one with a “future mother in law” that is so hard to deal with. So today this space is for me to rant, and rave, to someone besides my man. I honestly feel sorry for him having to listen to the both of us bicker about the other.

I try to be respectful, I really do, but the from Memorial day to Labor Day and every holiday/ family weekend in between is spent at a resort in Hilton Head close to the family condo. I can only take so much! The fact that I am not family, just a ” fornicating live in” gives her cause to make my life hell. I can’t stay at the family condo so we have to rent a room.

If I don’t cook, I am not pulling me weight. What weight I have no idea since I can’t stay with them.

If I cook, then I am cooking in her kitchen, and I screw everything up.

If I don’t want to do what the family is doing then I am not a team player.

If I go with the family, then I have to hear about my fornicating live in status and how I shouldn’t be here.

AHHHH, I need one hell of a stress relief session ASAP

Why do I do this to myself????? Oh right, stupid Love.


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