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30 Days of Kink ~Day 4

Day 4: Any early experiences that, in retrospect, hint at your kinks?

Yes, yes and yes, a few things.

1. I was so turned on by this movie I shouldn’t have watched as a tween (I was always a perv . . .) There was this scene where the guy picked this chick up, pulled up her skirt, placed her hands above her head and fucked her against a chain link fence. I was mesmerized, and turned on, and that was the basis of sex for me, a really good fuck.

2. In high school I was in love (ya know the i am a freshman and this junior just showed me attention) with this guy, he had me cornered in the staircase when he asked me out, does “why do tampons have a string at the end. . . so you can floss when you’re done eating” count as asking me out,? It worked nonetheless. I think it worked because I was cornered in a staircase, with no way out, and that turned me on

3. A reference to Me, Her, and A Broom, another high school experience, the control gained from stifling sexual response, is still hot to me. The fact that we always used blindfolds, and the broom whenever we played, says something right?

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