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The Mr. Grey’s of the World

This morning has been so lazy. Fun though.

After breakfast I went rummaging through the DVD’s in the media room and came across “Secretary” A film I used to work into new relationships on movie night to see how they would respond. It is a great movie. A perfect intro to the world of BDSM.

When I looked at it I instantly thought “I knew there was another Mr. Grey!”Then proceeded to think, what is it with Mr. Grey’s and their twitchy palms? Is there some coincidence? I wonder more if the sex lives of any non fictional Mr. Grey’s are well gaining in numbers… just a thought.

3 thoughts on “The Mr. Grey’s of the World

  1. I need to find this movie. One of my Friends with Bennies wants to get more into the scene. I was only briefly initiated into it, and I’m not a very good guide. Maybe we should find this and have a movie night!

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