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There are two phones that live on his night stand. The one that he uses all the time, and the other one. The “emergency” one. I ABHOR the “emergency” phone. Let me tell you why: 30 minutes ago I was in my office. I was paying bills, and confirming reservations for this coming week. He came in and sat in the big comfy chair in the corner. I looked up, just seeing him makes me smile.

“How was your nap?” I inquired.

“Good, what are you up to?”

“Ensuring the lights stay on. Making sure everything is set for Tuesday. If we get bumped from the ocean view side again I will murder someone.”

“That will make everyone’s Fourth. My mother will really love you then.” he replied sarcastically.

I laughed softly, irked by the thought of his mother. “What’s up babe?”

“Nothing, just watching you work.”

Finishing the last bill, I logged out, closed my lap top, and strutted over to him. He was wearing his red Saturday boxers. I dropped to my knees in front him. I raised my hands to his chest, felt the smooth firmness of his muscles. Moving down, my hands rolled over his abs. I inhaled deeply, slowly letting my breath out. My god just sitting, he makes me want him and he knows it.

“Take me to bed,” I pleaded coming to a stand.

He stood, smiling, “yes maam” he replied, making me giggle.

“I may get used to this “yes maam” thing”, I said as he picked me up.

“Don’t get too used to it,” he warned. I yelped as he slapped my ass.

“Never” I said, wrapping my legs around him before kissing him as he carried me up the hallway to our room. He sat me on the bed, and I began to take my tank off. Suddenly the phone rang. My head hung. He put up a finger silently requesting me to hold, and went to answer it. As I listened to the short conversation, I slipped my tank back over my head. When he disconnected the call, he looked at me.

“Emergency” he said, kissing me on the forehead before walking to the closet.

“But I have an emergency” I pouted.

“That pussy of yours is always in a state of emergency.” He grinned.

I laughed, watching him dress, “I can’t exactly disagree with that, but it’s not my fault.”

“Of course not, it always comes back to me.”

“Arrogant ass!” I yelled  as he headed downstairs. I trailed after him.

“You love my arrogant ass!” He yelled back. I rolled my eyes at his reply.I love almost everything about him.

He grabbed his keys “hurry home sweety” I said missing him already.

“I always hurry home to you,” he said turning towards me. Leaning in he kissed me, not a goodbye kiss, but an “I need you as much as you need me and I want you to know it” kiss. My legs felt as if they were about give out, as his hands cupped and squeezed me behind. Then he was gone. Now I am here writing, and wanting.

I ABHOR the “Emergency” phone.


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