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What Has He Done to Me?

This morning over breakfast I was telling my Sir about my conversation with K last night. My confidence from last night had withered and I was becoming more and more unsure of myself as a domme.

“I just don’t think I can give her what she needs. If I can’t be truly fulfilling for at least a night, then what is the point?”

“Then I’ll do it. You can watch, it will be great training for you.”

“What!?! No!” I glared at him in both awe and anger.

“No?” His tone changing. ” Why not?”

“I am sorry, I just. . . the thought of you touching her makes me very unhappy.”


“I don’t know,” I groan. “Ugh, look at what you have done to me! I am not this woman. I do not get jealous. Last night I told her I’d share, but that I didn’t want to. I didn’t think about the weight of what I was saying. I don’t want to share you. I never thought you would actually consider. . . Now you are volunteering? I have never been this possessive in my life. It is disturbing.  I do not want you near her. I can’t believe we haven’t discussed this before”

“Either you, me or both.”

“Why can’t it be neither?” I pleaded.

“Because that wouldn’t be any fun.”

“Fun for whom?”

“For me of course, baby, it always comes back to me.” He said with an arrogant grin.

“I won’t touch her, it obviously upsets you,” he continued, stroking my cheek.

“You on the other hand will touch her, and I expect you to take full control. She makes no requests, she has no wants, no desires. You make sure she follows your lead. You will do this for your pleasure and mine, not hers.”

“Okay.” I replied in deep thought

“Smack her, pull her hair if she steps out of line. You will know what to do. I have faith in you. So does she apparently.” He said smiling. I smiled back weakly.

He stood, and placed his plate in the sink. “Breakfast was delicious thank you.”  He walked back to the kitchen island, taking off his cuff links and rolling up his sleeves. I watched his expression change. “I am glad you are wearing a skirt today. Now, about that “no” you spoke earlier. Stand, hands on the island. I don’t have much time. Spread your legs wide and bend over”

I stood and planted my palms on the cold granite , moving my feet apart, sticking my ass out for him. He moved to my side and raised my skirt so it bunched at my waist revealing my purple lace covered ass.

“No counting this morning dear. Silence. Understood?

I nodded, and the blows came swiftly against me.



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