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The Domme In Me

Making plans for her visit in a few weeks…

K: Will you spank me?

S: Spank you?!? I will do more than that.

K: Oh

S: Nevermind, I wont push. The Domme in me wants to though.

K: I like pushy, I will do anything for a spanking

S: I know.  I may have to find a flogger for you

K: Paddles are my fave, but a hand is very personal too, I don’t want you hand hurting

S: When was the last time someone took to you with a flogger?

K: Never

S: Then don’t tell me a paddle is your fave

K: Yes Madam

S: Maam

K: Yes Maam

S: Good, you are a quick learn

K: I just want to be punished, put into an embarrassing position, to be scolded, standing in the corner after with my bare spanked butt on display

S: You need a real dom. I’d share mine, but I don’t like to share

K: I’ll take anything, you can be my dom

S: Well you certainly bring out the domme in me, p.s. I am a woman it is “domme”. I honestly don’t think I could give you all you need though hun. I have some fun switching with females occasionally, but I am a sub at heart.

K: I understand

S: I will see if my Sir knows someone that may be a good fit for you during the long haul. When you come to visit me though. We will have fun

These three weeks are going to go by soooo slow. Anticipation….

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