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Hard Day

∞Ava stared at her computer screen trying to focus on work. It was Friday and she was needy. Work was impossible. After typing a quick e-mail notifying her boss she was leaving early, she shut down her computer, grabbed her purse, and headed to the elevator.

It was a long ride down and she absent-mindedly watched the floor numbers change from 40 to 30 to 20, and finally she was at the parking garage.  “He won’t know what hit him,” she thought to herself with a sly smile. Ava sped down the interstate planning her attack.

When she got home she quickly prepared the lasagna and placed it in the oven, picked out a wine and headed upstairs.

Ava plugged the tub, and turned the water on, poured in some of the lavender oil he had given her, and stripped as she waited for the tub to fill. When she began to wash herself, her mind wandered to the way his hands felt moving across her neck, down her breast, teasing her abs as he trailed lower. Her heart  sped up, and she abruptly stopped herself. Monday was the only day she was allowed to please herself. She sighed in frustration, finished bathing, and toweled off.

Looking through her closet she chose a blush pink lace teddy that fell right below her ass. After putting it on, she headed downstairs, and checked the lasagna. A few more minutes she thought and grabbed a bottle of wine and two glasses. Ava glanced at the clock 4:58, he would be home at any second. Just then she heard the garage door open. She grabbed the cork screw, and began opening the bottle of wine.

“Hey baby,” she called out as she heard the door open. Ava began pouring the wine. “Dinner is in the oven, I hope you’re hungry.”

“You are so fucking beautiful.”

Ava stilled, and set the bottle down when she heard the tone in his voice. She could feel his gaze on her and it sent tiny shivers through her body. Ava reached out to the oven, and turned it off. “Hi” she said again.

“Take two steps, and grab your ankles.”

Ava silently and quickly did as she was told, her heart starting to pound. As she bent the teddy rose exposing her creamy behind. She could hear him disrobing and waited patiently. Before she knew it he was on his knees behind her. He placed his cheek against her behind and nuzzled it softly. Ava’s breath quickened, skin on skin.  He began planting delicate kisses on her ass, as he moved his hands slowly up her legs.

“Do you have plans tonight?” he asked.

“No Sir.”

“Did you have plans tonight?”

“Yes Sir.”

Ava could hear the smile in his voice as he said “smart girl.”

His hands reached the meeting of her thighs. With his left hand he cupped her vagina resting the tip of his middle finger on her clit. Ava’s knees weakened at his touch and she moaned softly. He began moving his fingers in slow agonizingly slow circles around her. She moans louder as this is what she had been wanting all day, to feel him touch her. He stopped and slid two fingers inside her. “Ah” she moaned. and with no warning except the sound of the air moving his hand came crashing against her behind.

“One!” she screamed and moaned as he continued to explore her insides.

“You are always so ready for me aren’t you my sweet slut.”

“Yes Sir…Two!” His hand slapping her again. He removed his fingers from her, and Ava groaned at their disappearance. Then she felt the cold wetness of  her juices hitting the air, and finding a home on her ass he wiped his fingers clean against her. Then warmth, as his tongue moved across her behind.

“Why do you taste so good?” he asked.

“For you Sir.” He came to a stand and smacked her ass again but harder. Her mouth shot open and protest, and all that came out was “three!”

“Stand, face me” he commanded. Ava obeyed. “I’ve had a rough day today. You have pleased me with all of this.” he said gesturing to the wine and the contents of the oven. “How were you able to get all of this done?”

“I took off from work early Sir.”


“I was needy Sir, I had planned to seduce you.”  Ava replied smiling at him.

“Well, I wasn’t aware I needed seduction.” He said humorously. “I don’t want this going to waste. Let’s eat.”

“Yes Sir.”

“When we finish, you may pick a blindfold, two toys, and then report to my office, position C.”

“Yes Sir.”

“At ease.” Ava reached out and kissed him.

“I am sorry you had a hard day baby.” Ava said moving to pull the lasagna out of the oven. “I will make it better, promise”

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