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30 Days of KINK~Day 2

Day 2: List your kinks.


Well this was much more difficult a task than what I expected. Between speaking to my Sir, and looking at some list I believe I have compiled most of them. Maybe

1. Bondage I can’t quite explain it. There is something about being sprawled out, with nowhere to go, unable to writhe in the pleasure. There are kinds  of ways to be restrained toyed with and enjoyed, I should move on now. 2. Toys like the one in the picture it is called a Wartenberg wheel. It can hurt so good at the same time. Treading the fine line between pleasure, pain, torture and release. I am about as wet as a leaky faucet now. Moving on 3. Age play I love it when he asks “what can Daddy do for you?” 4. Orgasm Denial it is divine torture. 5. Sensory Deprivation I love it when I am restrained, blindfolded, my ears are plugged, my nose is plugged, and all I can do is feel and scream. 6. Animal play I have no idea why I like it when h tells me to “heel” and makes me bark.

Well so far that is it for my list of crazy wants and needs. Now that I am crazy wet, hot and needy I have to go~~~

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