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One Key to Great Sex

This post is a response  to the re-blog “Are you missing something?”

The second man I had sex with taught me a lot. We worked together. (bad idea) I fell for every trick in the book with that one. ” Would you like a drink?” “Want a tour of the house?” “Just one kiss before you go, please.”

Then there I was beneath him, moaning in response to each thrust of his cock. It felt so good having him inside me. I was used to missionary, (Did anyone else have another first position?) Then he moved me some sort of way, I can’t even remember how he had me, but I remember not feeling him the way I had before.

Here is the good part. He noticed!  He stilled, gazed at me and asked “you’re not into this position are you?” Before I could respond he had flipped me over, pushed my leg to my chest and forced himself swiftly into me again. I cried out in ecstasy as he pushed me closer and closer to that sweet release.

When we were there in that blissful space I couldn’t stop thinking how he noticed that I wasn’t “into the position” before I could register it myself.

This was new. He was paying attention to my needs.  In that moment I learned so much. This interaction was just as much about me, as it was about my partner. Great Sex, was a two-way street. A perfect combination of give, take and communication.(it is the key to everything isn’t it)

From that point on I tried to find men who would be attentive selfless lovers. I tried harder to make sure I was one.

6 thoughts on “One Key to Great Sex

  1. Missionary was my first too, would also be curious to hear anyone who had another first! Great post, so very, very true…

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