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I remember when a picture like this disgusted me. What would make someone want this, enjoy this?

Have I evolved or what!

Now with everything there are different degrees. There is still much I do not understand in the  BDSM world. Frankly, much I do not want to understand. I have however come to appreciate it for the marvel that it is. Proud to say that I dibble dabble in the joy that is being an occasional submissive in my own right.

Right now in my current needy state. I could go for some restrictions.

3 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. I read and read and I am not sure where I fit in right now… there’s so many type of Submissives, bottoms, slaves, kinsters… sigh I am sure I will figure it out.

    I am glad you have evolved… things are easier when one is more appreciative, accepting and tolerant of others.

    • The only way to really learn where you fit is by exploring. You will find that your tastes will evolve as well. It is one amazing world to be a part of.

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Acceptance makes life much easier.

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