It is heartwarming to read that there is still selfless lovemaking in the world. I will post an addition soon.

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Are you missing something?

Since starting this adventure I’ve become a professional sex Googler, I Google everything! How to spice up sex, how to have better sex, how to perform oral sex, you can probably get the idea!

One day I stumbled on an article that said an average married couple’s intercourse last 3 to 7 minutes, I laughed as I read this to my man, he shocked me by saying he believed it was true! As I started researching this, by the way it appears to be true according to a few sites I visited, I marveled over how I had never known or even thought about what “average length of intercourse” is!

You have to understand other than a few teenage romances, and one short lived affair when we seperated, I’ve only been with my husband sexually. The teenage boys I had been with obviously had the endurance…

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