About Me

Well this is what we all want. A place where we are the King/Queen of the world. We rule over our subjects because in this space, the world revolves around us.

With that said, I am Sam. I am twenty-something year old female. I am here because in this world. I am a dirty, sluttttty with five (count them) t’s, bitchy, whore, and it is perfectly acceptable.

I can be turned on by things I shouldn’t be. I can fall in love with whom I shouldn’t.  I can express myself without consequence. <— That excites me.

I’d like to see where I go without the inhibitions of, everyone around me. I am exploring myself with my words, the words of others, the pictures that sometimes say more than we ever can, and the occasional song and/or video.

Along the way I hope to monumentally improve my writing skills. They need A LOT of help. Don’t give up on me, I promise to get better. Maybe it will be like watching a butterfly emerge from a cocoon, or not, who knows. Regardless. . .

I cordially invite you into my world. Make of it what you will, explore with me if you like.

I do ask one thing if you are here, say hello, share a thought, tell me you love it, tell me you hate it,  but speak. This is where our worlds collide, an intercourse if you will. Let’s all face it, intercourse, is fun.

34 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Welcome. So happy you enjoyed my blog. My thought is … Explore, examine, test the water, but always always be smart! Choose your D/s friends wisely, and most of all, stay true to who you are.

    Ps. My site is only half finished but it is accessible.

  2. Thank you for the like, comment and follow, Sam! I hope you continue to join me along the ride of finding & posting juicy taboo stories. Or at least reading them and letting me know your thoughts. (I’ll most definitely be back here for a return!)

    I had to smile at the part where you wrote “I can be turned on by things I shouldn’t be” because it’s true of myself, too. I know my young blog contains sensitive, depraved ‘material’, but I can’t help being extremely turned on by the stories I’ve found that I feel compelled to share them.

    • You are most welcome for the like, comment and follow Fay.
      Your depraved material is a joy to read. Which speaks to my depravity, ah well.
      Keep sharing and please do come back to visit!

    • I appreciate your time in reading. Thank you so much for the compliment. I hope my words continue to be worth. May I ask which Glowing reader is your sub?

  3. Intriguing is a great way to put it!! Opened up a few questions in my mind that I am not sure I really want ( but might need) the answers too. I trust him though so I am not going to ask! Have a glorious day!

    • I did not see it, and I am truly honored. I’ve been the ultimate blogging slacker lately, it is great to come back and see my blog on such a list. Thank you.

  4. You wrote well and describing feelings/emotions include sexuality and it is good to speak/write on sex rather hiding it in yourself. It makes you free and happy. Isn’t it?

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